Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My favorite app

     Since I work in a school with 1:1 iPad access, I have a TON of apps I consider my favorite!  Of course, the whiteboard apps Educreations and ShowMe have been discussed numerous times and have a huge following.  I feel that I am extra fortunate to teach math, because it seems to me that there is a bunch of apps specifically for math. Think of any topic and type it into the search bar in the app store and you are almost guaranteed to find at least one app that works. Sometimes you need to pay $.99 or in a rare case $1.99 for an app that targets a specific skill and can help students make that leap from "I can't do it!" to

"Okay. I get it now."


 For me, Operation Math is an app that I can count on again and again to help my students master those difficult basic skills that we all need to know in order to easily calculate more advanced problems (think order of operations and solving equations).

Students are able to pick what operation(s) they are going to focus on (I usually tell my students what to do, since sometimes they pick something they are already pretty advanced at).

This app has students sign in as a special agent, then solve math problems by typing in the answers on a wristwatch.  As students advance through the app, they unlock other 'missions' (more math problems).  But even my pickiest (is that a word???) students will play this app without complaining!

It does cost $2.99 at the app store, but I think it is absolutely worth it!  (I think you can also download a free trial version)

So, what's your favorite app?


  1. I love you highlighted a "paid" app - I get so nervous about spending money - even $2.00 - for something I'm not quite sure I'll like. Thanks for choosing this one. It makes me think it'll definitely be worth the price and not have the "buyer's regret" later! :)

  2. I think you will really love the app. And trust me...I know all about buyer's remorse! I hate deleting paid apps, but some of them aren't worth taking up space on my iPad.